Buttons for Ukraine

Bulldogs Give Back - Support for Ukraine

District 101 teachers and students have embarked on a “Bulldogs Give Back” campaign to raise money to help the people of Ukraine during this difficult time.

Teachers Samantha Schroeder and Kim Koch invited their McClure Junior High art club students to submit artwork that either honored Ukraine’s history or heritage or simply was uplifting. This artwork was then turned into pins. 

Mrs. Schroeder and Mrs. Koch, with the help of McClure Student Council, are selling the pins to co-workers, friends and family and plan to donate the proceeds to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (www.uuarc.org), a 501 (c) (3) organization founded in 1944 to help those in need. In the first week, the team had sold their entire pin inventory at $2 apiece, raising over $5,000!!

The pin artwork includes McClure Art Club student designs as well as traditional Ukrainian artwork available online. Pins designs include a sunflower, the Ukrainian official flower; the countryside of Ukraine; artistic hearts, conveying support for the people and many other designs. “The project has been empowering for our students and given them a way to help,” said Mrs. Schroeder. 

This art club campaign has spread from the junior high to the D101 elementary schools. “It’s really had quite the ripple effect across our district with students donating their own money from babysitting or birthdays and a lot of parent support, too,” said Mrs. Koch.