Contact your school for questions on the lunch program.

Contact District Nurse Amber Knoll, for questions about food allergies.


What is the Lunch Program?
The school lunch program, sponsored by the Board of Education and supervised by District 101 employees, is an optional program that allows for children to stay at school for lunch. Children bring their own lunch and eat in the gym. Milk is available for a small fee. Any parent interested in becoming a substitute lunch program attendant or volunteering to help during lunch program should contact the lunch program supervisor, the school principal, or the Board of Education.

Where and when do the children eat?
The children eat at grade-level tables in the gym. During times when the gym is used for a special activity (such as the Book Fair, etc.) lunch program students are supervised in classrooms. The lunch period at our elementary schools runs from 11:40 to 12:30. The children go outside before or after lunch (1-3 have recess after lunch, 4 & 5 have recess before), weather permitting, so they should dress accordingly. The park is used if the ground is dry; otherwise the children stay on the blacktop.


  • Lunch Program runs from 11:40 to 12:30 p.m.

  • Children bring their own lunch

  • Milk costs $55.00 yearly fee