Early Childhood

Western Springs District 101 provides Early Childhood Special Education services for children, three through five years of age. Children are identified through screenings, a parent referral, or as a child transitions from an Early Intervention program. 

If an evaluation is recommended, the LADSE team will conduct a Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment. This is a holistic method of evaluating a child’s developmental level through play.

Children who qualify may receive services through itinerant services or the Early Childhood Special Education Program (ECE). The ECE program is an integrated program focusing on children learning through play.

For further information about Early Childhood programs in District 101, please contact Julie Fredericks at (708) 485-2850.

Preschool Screening

2023-2024 Screening Dates:

August 28, October 2, December 11, February 26, April 2

The Western Springs District 101 Preschool screening is recommended if you have concerns about your child’s development and:

  • your child is 33 months to 4 years of age

  • you are currently living within the District 101 boundaries

WHAT is the purpose of Preschool Screening?
A screening is completed to assist in identifying children that live in District 101 who may be in need of a full and individual evaluation to determine possible eligibility for Special Education services.  

HOW do I know if my child should be screened?

If you or your child’s pediatrician have concerns about your child’s development in one or more area which Includes:

  • Your child’s overall development

  • Your child’s readiness for school

  • Your child’s social interactions

  • Your child’s ability to communicate

  • Your child’s fine or gross motor skills

WHAT should I expect at Preschool Screening?
The screening is a standardized and play-based format. Such a format will naturally assess your child's readiness, social interactions, communication, and fine/gross motor skills in a developmentally appropriate manner within the preschool classroom. Additionally, vision and hearing will also be screened.

WHO will work with my child?

  • A Speech-Language Pathologist will assess speech (articulation) and language (expressive/receptive) skills.

  • A School Nurse will screen vision and hearing abilities.

  • A Preschool Teacher will administer a screening tool as well as assess social interactions and readiness through play.

  • An Occupational Therapist and/or Physical Therapist will assess fine and gross motor skill development.

 HOW LONG will the screening take?

About an hour. Each child will rotate through various stations which include academic readiness, vision and hearing, speech and language and motor skills.

HOW will I know the results of the screening?
Team members will meet after the screening to review the results of each child that participated in the screening on that day.  Parents will have information about the screening results within two weeks after the appointment.

WHAT do I need to do to schedule my child for a screening?
Please contact Kelly Rotolo at 708-485-2004 or
krotolo@d101.org to make an appointment for your child.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Fredericks, Director of Student Services, at 708-485-2850 or jfredericks@d101.org.