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Dear Parents/Guardians:

McClure uses PTC Wizard, an online Parent Teacher Conference program, to schedule conferences.  The scheduling window will open on Tuesday, November 1st at 8am.  Please refer to the instructions below to schedule your conferences.  You should set up your account prior to the window opening.  If you have an account at an elementary building, you can create a McClure account using the same information and then link the accounts. 

It is necessary to know who your child’s teachers are prior to signing up for conferences. Please refer to PowerSchool for a listing of your child’s teachers.  Please contact Kelly Fuhr in the main office if you are not able to log into Power School. All conferences can be scheduled by doing the following: 

  1. Use PowerSchool to list the names of teachers you wish to meet with.

  2. Access PTC Wizard with this link,  or find the same link on the McClure homepage under “Parents”.

  3. Between Nov 1 at 8am and Nov 18 at noon, follow the wizard to complete your conference scheduling. 

  You will see the dates of the conferences, choose which date you prefer.  Next, you will see a list of teachers.  Put a check in front of the teachers you want to see.  Next, schedule your time preference.  You will receive a confirmation via email of your date and time through the program.  You can also print your schedule.  If you need assistance, please contact the McClure Main Office at 708-246-7590. 

Please note the following logistics for the 22-23 school year conferences:

  • Conference sign-up will begin Monday, Nov 1 at 8am.

  • Conference sign-up will close Friday Nov 18 at noon.

    • After sign-up closes please contact the main office with any changes/additions so office staff can notify teachers.

  • Monday Nov. 22 conferences are in person. Appointment slots are available 9am - 12pm, 1pm - 5pm, and 6pm - 8pm.

  • Tuesday Nov. 23 conferences will be virtual. Appointment slots are available 9am - 1pm and 2pm to 6pm.

    • For Tuesday conferences, a document will be sent home in the Friday update prior to conferences, with a list of teachers and links to use for connecting at your time.

You may have questions/concerns about conferences at McClure, as they are very different from experiences in the elementary schools.  For instance, to facilitate as many conferences as we can, the conference times are limited to 10 minutes. 

We encourage parents to sign up for as many conferences as they wish, but we appreciate that at McClure this means signing up for seven different conferences.  The frequently asked questions below can help you determine when/if you would like to schedule a conference with each teacher. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Conferences:

  1. Who should attend/schedule a conference?  

We encourage all parents who have specific concerns to schedule a conference.  Concerns are not limited to those of an academic nature.  

  1. Do I need to schedule a conference with all of my son/daughter’s teachers? 

Do so only if you have questions or concerns for all of their teachers.  We certainly want to provide the opportunity for you to meet with as many teachers as you wish.  While there are certain curricular areas that tend to have more conferences scheduled, please schedule a conference with whomever you feel the need to speak with. 

  1. If my daughter/son is not struggling academically, should I schedule conferences?  

Again, conferences are not limited to struggling academic students.  Please refer to question #1.  If there are concerns/questions of any type, please schedule a conference.

  1. What if I am not available to conference these two days? 

The Main Office will not be able to schedule any conferences outside these two days.  Please include the contact phone number with your request. 

  1. What if the sign-up window has closed and I would like to schedule or change a conference?  

If this occurs please contact the Main Office at 708-246-7590.  This will allow our office staff to notify teachers of a change, as they often are unable to check email while conducting conferences. 

Please be advised that each teacher has only 80 appointment slots; several teachers teach over 160+ students, so it is advisable to schedule your conferences early in order to ensure getting a conference time with those teachers whose schedules fill quickly. 

Again, we encourage you to schedule as many conferences as you wish.  We realize that some families will be out of town during the week of conferences. We do not expect, nor can we facilitate, conferencing with 100% of our parents.  We simply want to offer as many parent teachers conferences as we can while taking our time constraints into consideration. Should you have questions or concerns regarding conferences, please contact  Mrs. Broadnax.