When an illness occurs, parents are asked to call the school office (708-246-7590) or email mjhattendance@d101.org by 8:15 a.m. to report an absence. If no call has been received, the office staff will attempt to contact parents using phone numbers and emails provided on the parent emergency form. The “Absence Line” may be accessed if you call the school office, and no one is available to answer your call. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify the school of the student’s absence prior to the start of school on the day of the absence.


In the event a student needs to leave school early for an appointment, he/she must bring a note from the parent/guardian to the front office before 8:10am in exchange for a pass at the specific time to return to the main office. If a student is to be picked up during a passing period, a note and pass are NOT required; the student will simply take ownership of arriving in the office during that passing period for pick-up.  

Each time a student is called out of class for an unexpected pick-up it disrupts the learning experience.  With efficiency goals and avoidance of classroom disturbance in mind, the front office will not make a practice of calling to interrupt a class in session.


Prearranged absences (three days or more) should be reported to both the main office (708-246-7590) and to each of your child's teachers.  Classroom work missed while absent will be provided upon a student's return.