Animal Avengers
A club of fourth and fifth-grade students dedicated to helping animals in need. Through research and fundraisers, Animal Avengers works to make contributions each year to organizations such as The World Wildlife Fund, Hinsdale Humane Society, and more!

Students at Laidlaw are given additional educational opportunities through school assemblies held periodically throughout the school year. The principal plans and schedules these special events with the help and suggestions of the staff and parents. The PTO provides monetary support where necessary.

Band & Orchestra
Participation in the school band and orchestra is available to all students in the fourth and fifth grades. A participation fee is required for the use of music and equipment. A few specialized instruments are available for rent. The music director can direct you to an outside source for rental of all other instruments. Lessons are provided during school time by our music directors.

Curriculum Night
Parents are invited to attend this annual event held in the evening in August/September. Parents will visit their child’s classroom where the teacher will present an overview of the curriculum that will be covered during the school year. This is not an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. It is an opportunity to learn how to be an active partner in the education of your child throughout the upcoming school year! PARENTS ONLY PLEASE.

Doodle Art
Join Mrs. Thometz for some awesome 3-D artwork during your lunchtime. She brings a new and unique 3D art project to our students each week.

Field Trips
Students at Laidlaw have opportunities for educational field trips throughout the school year. Volunteers/parents will be contacted by room parents for chaperoning.

Halloween Parade
A Halloween parade takes place at Laidlaw School on the same October afternoon when the students have their classroom Halloween parties. In their costumes, the children parade on Forest Avenue in front of the school. Parents and friends are invited to watch the parade.

When planning for Halloween costumes to be worn at school, please be cognizant that all costumes (parents included!) should be appropriate for all students (Pre-K thru 5) to view. Use of pretend guns, knives or weapons of any kind are not allowed. Costumes which include dismemberment, fake blood or any other frightening gore design are not allowed. Any costume part which Mrs. DeBartolo determines as inappropriate for the school setting (according to the above guidelines) will need to be removed.

Costumes are worn in the afternoon only, with the exception of morning kindergarten. Students staying for lunch may bring costumes and will be allowed to change after they eat.

Learning Fair
Each year, Laidlaw hosts a Learning Fair for students who wish to volunteer to display their science or other learning project created over the past year. An evening will be set-aside for family and friends to come to the school to view and learn about the projects. The Learning Fair is a PTO sponsored activity; any questions regarding the Learning Fair can be directed to the Learning Fair Chairperson or the PTO President.

Mission Propelle
This after school program includes yoga and time to talk about important social-emotional issues students might be facing as a Kdg-5th grade student.

Open House
Open House at Laidlaw School is held each year on an evening in March/April. All family members are invited to visit the classrooms and tour the school. Your children will take you to their classroom where you can visit with the teacher and view projects and papers completed in class. Various activities associated with the physical education program are open for participation and observation in the gym.

Children can be part of the “Donate-A-Book” program. A family may choose a book to donate from the array of books on display. A nameplate will be placed inside the book showing the name of the child or family who donated the book. This program helps the school to update and enhance the collection of reading materials in the Laidlaw Learning Commons.

Spelling Bee
The Laidlaw Spelling Bee is a PTO sponsored activity open to all students. It is traditionally held in March. Questions can be directed to the Spelling Bee Chairperson or the PTO President.

Sticky Fingers
This is an after school program that focuses on teaching our students introductory cooking skills. This is for all ages!

Winter Festival
Each December, the students participate in a holiday musical program. To accommodate the parents and grandparents of students, the program will be performed twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Parents and family members are invited to enjoy the program. A practice program will be held for student’s attendance only on a day prior to the actual concert.


Chess Scholars
This is a club offered to students at a cost to parents. It is run by an outside organization that focused on teaching student chess skills. It takes place during lunch/recess on Wednesdays.

The Laidlaw Choir consists of fourth and fifth graders who are interested in singing. They meet during the second semester. Membership is open to any interested fourth or fifth grade student.

This is a student-led club that meets at lunch one time per week. Students will learn how to code using Chromebooks.

Laidlaw Book Club
This is a PTO sponsored activity for specific grade levels where students will be reading and having book discussions together during lunch.

Lightning Writers
This is a new club that was established by a student who was passionate about writing. Students in 4th and 5th grade are eligible to join. Meetings take place at lunch/recess one time per week.

Math Club
Student across D101 are welcome to join the 4th/5th Gr Math Club. Students meet every Friday morning at 730AM to talk about math. Many of these students will then compete the Math Olympiad tournament.

Science Clubs
The Laidlaw Science Clubs are PTO and parent sponsored clubs. The clubs offer multiple grade levels a chance to experience some fun after school through science exploration one meeting per month.

Student Council
The Laidlaw Student Council consists of officers from the fourth and fifth grades and two representatives from each class (grades 1-5). The Student Council is coordinated by two faculty moderators and meets twice a month during the lunch hour.

Tech Club
This club is an opportunity for our fifth graders to learn more about robotics and other cool technology. They meet one time per week at lunch/recess.