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Kindergarten Tara Bulger
First Grade

Erin McKenzie

Jen Schauf

Second Grade

Stephanie Finch

Emily Spillone

Third Grade

Liz Erven

Jane Weber

Fourth Grade

Kristin Axelson

Katie Egan

Fifth Grade

Sydney Deuter

Scott Elder


Vickie Antonsen - Technology Integration Specialist

Ryan McLaughlin - Physical Education

Courtney Harvey - Library

Nicole Lisy - Spanish

Amy Wilkin - Spanish

Sal Pienschke - Art

Lisa Grublesky - Music

Lisa Gilles - Reading Specialist

Lori Lubera - Math Specialist/Adv. Math

Denise Enrietti - Enrichment

Dawn Fiebrandt - Band

Stacey Block - Orchestra

Special Education/Resource Teachers

Kerry Souffrant

Sue Trpisovsky

Lisa Barsch

Speech Language Pathologists

Christine Long

Jill Elliott

Social Worker/Nurses

Sean Callahan

Michelle Pusatera

Joan Krillic

Teaching Assistants

Michele Spiegel (Reading Intervention)

Peggy Link (K)

Maria Ognibene (K)

Terry Geimer(General Assistant, largely 1st Grade)

Julie McGann (2F)

Emily Carter (3W)

Gina Avgeris (3E)

Julie Johnson (4E)

Sue Quigley (4A)

Janet Schoneman (5E)

Peter Kass (5D)


Kevin Haskins

Martez Foston

Administrative Assistants

Cindy Blum

Cathy Berg (and Lunch Room)

Other Specialists

Laurie O’Connell (PT, from LADSE)

Terri Calhoun (OT, from LADSE)

Principal Ashley Burger