2019-2020 Olympiad Permission Slip

Practice Schedule rotatates between Monday after school (unitl 4:30) and Wednesday before school (at 7:40).


Math Olympiad is intended to extend participant’s knowledge in mathematics. We will train for the Math Olympiad competition held in the spring. We will start recruiting in the fall and have practices once a week until the competition. We will focus on different number patterns, word problems, algebra, and work in groups to solve more complex problems. There are both individual and team competitions, the 6th graders compete as a team and the 7th and 8th graders compete as a team.

Math Olympiad begins around November and ends after the competition in March, with once a week practices based on student schedules.

This year's competition is at McClure Junior High on Saturday, February 29th!

Sponsors: Mrs. Quintos (mquintos@d101.org) and Ms. Knaub (eknaub@d101.org)