BOE President & Dr. Sarah Coffey

PRESS RELEASE We are thrilled to announce Dr. Sarah Coffey has signed a 5-year contract with District 101. Dr. Coffey will remain Assistant Superintendent to Dr. Brian Barnhart until June 30, 2024. Upon Dr. Barnhart’s retirement at the end of the 2024 school year, Dr. Coffey will assume the role of Superintendent.

Under Dr. Coffey’s leadership and steadfast commitment to academic excellence D101 will remain A Place Where Children Thrive now and in the future.

Dr. Coffey began her career at D101 in 1999 as an English Language Arts teacher at McClure. She then took on the role of Assistant Principal of McClure in 2005 and served as Principal of Laidlaw from 2009-2013. During her time at Laidlaw she cultivated a strong sense of community among students, staff and parents that focused on academic excellence through research-based instructional practices and a commitment to student-centered decision-making.

Dr. Coffey maintained this focus and broadened her impact to the district level in 2013 when she accepted the role of Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. Among her many accomplishments, she has led the District through the development of a rigorous curriculum across all content areas, implemented standards based grading in our elementary schools, and personally connected with countless parents during Coffee with Coffey. Her connections with students, parents, teachers and staff have given her a broad perspective to see growth opportunities and implement them to positively impact our students.

We look forward to continued success under Dr Coffey’s leadership.

Sincerely, District 101 Board of Education